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Strategic planning and a clear vision
of what the customer needs

Taking into consideration the general economic system and movements of the local and international market, Prime’s experienced team has the ability to recognize and understand the market behavior and the clients’ needs delivering the highest quality market information with effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy.

Our Firm Profile

Our team of leading qualitative researchers is the warranty for a good and accurate research.

Our team of highly experienced analysts as well as experienced coding staff is the key to successful data analysis. We are using the latest in computer technology including SPSS, MATLAB data analysis software packages as well as the advance CPA software.

Results are presented with the aid of computer graphics and are delivered either electronically or in hard copy form, according to the client's requirements. Besides just the data collection and analysis our professionals provide guidance to the client according to its objectives and needs. Our purpose is not just to deliver numbers, figures, and raw data, but to help and assist the client to understand the findings of the survey.

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